Levyti’s Leadership Team

John Fayer

Managing Director

John Fayer

John is the founder of Levyti Consulting.  With more than 25 years of advisory experience in the tax accounting, corporate taxation and tax technology areas, John provides strategic solutions to complex corporate taxation issues to clients on a national level.

 John is a CPA and graduate of Georgetown University and was a tax consultant with Ernst & Young and KPMG in their New York and Washington DC practices prior to forming Levyti in 2005, where he designed and managed the development of Global Tax Office, a web based, enterprise class tax accounting system designed to support the calculation and recording of complex global income tax provisions until its sale to Vertex Inc. in 2008.  These unique experiences and expertise allow him to provide strategically efficient, technology based solutions to the tax provision reporting challenges of multinational enterprises.

John has broad industry experience and has provided services to a wide range of clients including Ford Motor, Owens Illinois, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Black & Decker, Pepco Holdings, McKesson, Levi Strauss, Fannie Mae, Aol, Jabil Circuit, Fairchild Corporation, Eloqua, and Micros Inc.   and many others.

John can be reached at 703-665-4189 or johnfayer@levyti.com.